Seaside, Nov. 14

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cheers For Friends

So I'm sittin here waiting to go get Mike. He's coming in at almost 11 and I was up until 2:00 last night. While in limbo, I've gotten a wind of get-er-done and am just now getting in to cleaning the place so when he gets home, it'll be clean. I really enjoy having our house clean--specially because Mike loves it too. In my resting moments, I can sift through my day.

I was able to visit and care for one of my friends today. She has basically changed my life. In short, she's been what a friend really means--honest, loving, blunt at times, yet eye-opening. I've really enjoyed getting to know her! Today, while driving around doing errands, we were able to talk and we spoke about everything . . . from a simple--how are the kids doing, to deep--tendencies I have with friends.

Some of her insights have brought a bit of understanding to my life. I find it very interesting how we are so innundated with our own struggles, problems, and pains, that life is difficult to weave through. We can look through our own black and white glasses, but God has the advantage of color. We have built-in blinders that keep us from seeing the whole picture, which leads us to God and others. There is such a huge reason God made us that way! We need other people in our life. People we can laugh with, and people we can share with. People to hold our tears, and people to smack us upside the head when our newest idea leaves out HUGE details.

Cheers for friends!

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