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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Long Lost Friend

So it's been a while.

Last time I posted, my life was a bit different. I find a new normal emerging nearly every day and am discovering why God's influence is so imperative to life.

As I speak, I've got another little guy poking at my tummy with Daddy's joking intensity. Just yesterday he gave me a kick that sent me jolting. I'm glad that God has sent me an active Jr. so I am not as impatient and anxious. Although I am still encountering an anxiety tug-of-war with Jr's health, I find my patience and ability to stay calm is much better than I thought it might be.

As time goes on, my belly is getting larger and larger. Yes, due to Jr's impeccable size, but also because I am seeming to gain weight like a boat takes on water . . . quickly, and always to the wrong areas! I am trying to maintain a healthy weight, but feel as though it is a losing battle.

I also find myself running an uphill battle frequently as all my paths lead to some kind of problem in need of solving. How can I be better is a question I am constantly asking.

With some additional input, I am coming to recognize my personality and its benefits and drawbacks. I am a person who appreciates order. If that order is disturbed, I become hopelessly depressive, however, if it is in place, and all is functioning within its structure, I become spontaneous and adventuresome. I feel as though I am leaning, and have always leaned, toward one end of the spectrum.

I wonder, what kind of order or structure do I need that I've been lacking for years??? Maybe it's God. Hmm, yeah. That sounds kind of . . . logical. Go figure.

Well, with Jr. on the way, I better come to grips with life really quickly. Hmm, how to relax with a living room full of books and junk.