Seaside, Nov. 14

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Wow what a week!  We somewhat matched the circumstances of this winter - watching the cold front come in, excited for the snow, yet worried about the roads.  Our week started off with Mike coming home early from work becuase he didn't have anything to do . . . literally.  As we drove to go get a picture of a tree for a friend, we discussed our options.  We were intermittently interrupted by gusts of wind and the slipping of our tires.  

Then, everything turned in to hyper speed.  Mike called work and found that he could work from "home" and we decided to face the storm (we didn't know how big it would actually be!).  We frantically went home, packed, and left for Kent.  Thankfully we got out quickly enough that the Portland area was not requiring chains!  That didn't match the drive.  It took us quite a while to get to Kent . . . mostly because of chow people were driving related to the conditions.  

Our days were all screwed up because we had figured on being there Thursday, not Wednesday, so our entire week was confusing!  J's bachelor party was Friday, squeezed between waking up, and picking up B, and B the groomsmen.  Saturday came and went in a fury!  We all woke up, and then WHAM - not only did we have to get there an hour earlier than expected, but also we ended up being a bit late for pictures - hooray for the snow!  Poor J & J2 had very few people there because of snow cancellations.  J2 looked beautiful in her dress and the wedding was enchanting in the snow.  When we left, it was pitch white!  

And then, Mike and I did it all again!  We woke up on Saturday to go to a friend's wedding.  Hers was also a bit crazy cause of weather.  Unfortunately for pretty much everyone involved, a pipe broke in the room we were to eat dinner in, so the staff had to move all the tables to a different portion of the restaraunt!  In the end, she too looked wonderful and I'm sure the prince swept her off her feet! 

And then, Christmas came.  The days between wedding and X-mas were nice, but long too.  We actually had X-mas on the Eve because of flights out, J & J being able to be there, and other important facts.  Christmas Eve was anti-climactic this year.  It seems that all of us were a bit penny-pinched.  Although money isn't really the heart of Christmas, it does affect other things.  Presents were disbursed by funny B who acted like Vanna in presentation.  Some of us were smiling, others were not.  

When all was said and done, as much as I try to convince myself that Christmas is fun and I love it, this year didn't strike the chord.  It didn't ring true in my heart as much.  

It's really hard to be anywhere and realize, I should be nursing my baby girl while I'm talking right now.   I should have to go because it's nap time for my sweetheart.   I should have to walk out of the room because she's crying.  But in reality . . . I'm not.  Yes, I will someday if God decides to bless me with a child, but not now.  Christmas this year was not fun.  It had its moments - specially with the snow, but the whole picture wasn't what it should have been.

It wasn't special.

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