Seaside, Nov. 14

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Arie's Video

Finally, I have completed Arie's video! It has been very hard to finish and the computer didn't help at all. First the videos had to be cropped, then the pictures were too large. But, when I moved and cropped, the sound would get all chunked up :( In the end, she looks beautiful with friends and family.

I must say a huge thank you to lots of people . . . Emma, our photographer and friend, was gracious enough to take Arie's pictures, edit them, and get them back to us. She has been wonderful throughout this entire process and she actually introduced me to her husband as Arie's mother. It was heart-melting to just hear those words. I don't get to be a mommy to often, so moments like these touch my heart so deeply.

I also have to thank all of you, my friends and family, who have been so supportive of us. When at the hospital, we were never alone unless we asked. You were on the floor, hard chairs, hard benches (otherwise known to the hospital as "beds"), and surrounding my bed. Phone calls I didn't want to make were taken care of, and I could feel all of your love. I got lots of hugs and sympathy. Your flowers, cards, and sentiments all helped cushion the blow. Without you, Mike and I would be in a completely different place.

Although nothing can take away the pain of losing our baby girl, God has shown us so much. Whether or not you know it, you have all been part of our growth and memories.

On a different note, there are a couple pictures and moments that touched me during our stay at the hospital.

The most defining for me was when my dad hugged me . . . long, and more than once. In the past, he has been at a distance and I don't blame him. He lived in a house with three crazy chicks for 20+ years! That's gotta drive a man nuts :) But in this moment, he met me on a deep, deep level and reached out to me. I love him for that.

That weekend was a ball of mess. In the video a woman named Susan shows up a few times. We had met at church, , I think, all of once to talk about baby rooms and the excitement. I really didn't know her at the time, but she has such a caring heart that she showed up in my hour of need. Her compassion and love was intense and real. She has since become a good friend and we've shared tears and laughter.

Really, there are gazillions of stories to tell, but not enough time to get them all out. So much happened that weekend--some of which I don't even know yet. Just believe that ALL of you have made a difference . . . yup, believe it or not, even you nurses!

I love all of you for everything you have helped Mike and I with and hope that the future will bring siblings for our baby girl.


  1. I'm a follower! I'll be reading you :o)

  2. Marie, I just watched the precious memory you have created for your sweet baby daughter. You are a terrific mother, in your hours of pain. I love you mama.