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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Time Flies

As we bust through winter with sloth-like speed, we are encountering a new family season.  Zeke is now 6 months old.  I cannot believe that it has been so long, but feels so short.  In the last months Zeke has learned to roll over -- from front to back and back to front.  He makes us laugh with his preference of choosing the harder skills, like rolling from back to front, and deciding that there is only one correct way to roll . . . and that is right :)  His personality is blooming daily while we cannot seem to find enough bibs to entirely soak up his drool.  Recently, as began fussing on his tummy (because he has refused to roll from back to front) I decidedly helped him roll over and found that my hand and arm were covered in drool.  That day I found out that he enjoys consuming his hand and arm :)

He's also growing like a weed.  I've had to put away all his 0-3 month clothing, some of his 3-6 depending on size, and breaking into the 6-9.  He's not up to speed with his same age  counterparts in height, but I'm not too concerned about that :)  At the doctors he weighed in at 14 pounds but his height and head measurements weren't taken . . . 6 month checkup to come soon.

Solids seems to beckon his attention.  Frequently when Mike and I are eating, we sense that "someone's looking at me" feeling only to look over and see Zeke staring with intense desire.  He watches the spoon carefully and seems to be downloading the mechanics of eating.  Unfortunately, he still has his extrusion reflex -- sticking out his tongue to eat -- and can't quite get the hang of swallowing just yet.  I can only imagine that that boy will be eating us out of house and home too soon!

Work seems to be going quite well for Mike.  He is always busy and frequently seems to have extra.  We are so blessed to feel secure in such rocky economic times.  Just today, he is headed to the coast to check out a job in Newport and texted me a picture during his lunch break.  It was so beautiful I was a bit jealous :(

"Work" is going well for me as well.  Three days a week I watch Abbi.  Before I go any further, we've got SUPER news!


The last couple weeks have been filled with box packing whenever we have a spare moment.  And although we felt somewhat good to move, there are always so many extras.  We planned our move well and this week has been dedicated to moving the small things.  Hopefully we will be done very soon.  I don't much care for the preparation of moving, but I die for the ability to put away our stuff into all the new places.  It does seem to be box after box (which means we really should donate much of our . . . junk . . . to Goodwill), but soon enough our new place will feel more like home.  It already does.

The neat part?  We are living with some good friends of ours . . . Abbi's parents!  So their commute, and my preparation time are slim to none :)  There will definitely be some roommate issues, but we've already got a plan to deal with them!  I'm just so excited because of the place.  Check out this link to view our home -- without all our stuff in it.  I'll try to post more pictures once it's not ruled by boxes and junk.

So back to Abbi . . . she is quite a cutie-pie and Zeke is starting to notice too.  She is in the stage where she only wants what others have, so there might be a floor full of toys, but she wants the one Zeke is playing with.  He still has reflux, although not quite as bad, but when he's in the bouncy seat (which used to be Abbi's), she'll walk over and want to "bounce" him and "gently" touch him.  Eventually, this leads to her trying to whop him on the head and redirection is only so good :)

I am doing well considering.  Days seem to fly by during my exhaustion while I try so hard to have enough energy to keep both kids challenged and occupied.  During nap times, if they are asleep at the same time, I try to put away boxes.  I'm quickly noticing that the kitchen seems like the most fun.  Because of our move, we've eaten out so much I'm sick of it.  Hopefully soon, I'll be cooking away.  The new house also has a backyard that my friend and new roommate Tonya are drooling over.  There is enough space to put in a garden and we're already planning on putting in a backyard.  It'll take some elbow grease, but we've got gloves ready :)

No pictures this time, but hopefully more soon.  We need to be better at documenting our little one's life :)

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